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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Home Batting Cage: Giving your player the best chance to succeed.

Does your baseball/softball player get enough batting practice during team practices?

Does your ballplayer play in a league where the onfield practices are short and scheduled due to a limited number of ballfields and multiple teams to use them?

Would you like to give your ballplayer the best chance to succeed as a hitter?

If you answer YES to any of the above questions, you should seriously consider purchasing a Home Batting Cage. A Home Batting Cage allows your players to get all the swings they need to make them the best hitter possible. With a Home Batting Cage, your players can take batting practice whenever they want. I think that being able to practice whenever a child gets the urge is very important. Also, you can have your child's whole team over to get extra practice in order to help the team be more successful.

A Home Batting Cage is the most logical and productive thing you can do if your son or daughter really loves the game of baseball or softball. Buying a cage can be like "putting-money-in-the-bank" if your child shows the potential to be a college player.

It is a known fact that players that have Home Batting Cages, on the average, have more hitting success than those players that do not have Home Batting Cages. I will admit that there are always exceptions. I am sure that we can all name a couple of excellence hitters that did not have a batting cage in their backyard.

However, a high percentage of today's collegiate baseball and softball players had daily access to a batting cage when they were gowing up. Many of those players had their very own backyard batting cage.

If you can afford it and you have a secure place to set up a cage, you would be well advised to order a cage as soon as you can. specialize in selling "Total Batting Cage Packages" that have both the net and frame included. Buying a cage this way saves you time and money and insures that you will have a top quality batting cage at the best price possible. Buy one of our systems and you buy a net and frame that are "made for each other". This insures quality performance and longevity. has complete Home Batting Cage packages measuring 40', 55', 60' and 70' long. These packages are mixed with #21, #36, and #45 Poly Netting (depending on which package you choose) in order to give you options when selecting that important investment for your child. You can view these Home Batting Cage packages at

Remember, a Home Batting Cage can give your player or players a significant edge over the competition and give them more of a chance to get that scholarship so many parents dream of for their kids.

Good Luck to your ball players and have a nice day, Nick.

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