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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The HandsBack Hitter

The HandsBack Hitter teaches the mechanics of the perfect baseball swing. It teaches hitters the proper "stride and swing" fundamentals for correctly hitting a baseball.

The Hands Back Hitter™ Pro Model is the simplest, most affordable, yet most instructive training aid on the market. And to insure that you will practice often, it makes you a better hitter while you are having fun.

The Hands Back Hitter Pro-Model.

-Uses ALL type balls real and plastic; baseball or softball.
-The unique popper design allows the operator to adjust pitch height for any type ball.
-The same unit assembles for righties and lefties.
-It comes with an extra string, 12 medium weight plastic balls, and a CD-ROM training disc.
-This patented pitching machine/ batting tee hybrid controls the swing sequence for teaching rotational hitting and opposite field mechanics .
-Extremely durable and used from LL to D-1 Programs.
-The trainer players love to use.

Easy to use...

Push down on the popper.
Place a ball on the launcher.
Load your hands back as you stride to landing on the firing cord.

Visit for information on this great training aid

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shipping Questions?

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Merry Christmass!
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

BatAction Chrismas Special

Order a new BatAction Hitting Machine and You Get to Take Advantage of 3 Great Deals:

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3. Free Extra Impact Ball, a $49.95 Value

Sunday, November 30, 2008

How to Improve Your Baseball Hitting Simply Through Practice

By Jack D. Elliott

Much like everything in life, you get better at things the more times you do them. Baseball Hitting is no different. For this reason, the best baseball hitting advice anyone can give you is to practice your swing.

Mickey Mantle was said to swing the bat at least 100 times a day right handed and then do the same left handed. Also, modern day players like Barry Bonds are said to swing the baseball bat 500-1000 times a day. If this strategy works for the pros, it can also work for you.

How to implement this Baseball Hitting Strategy:

1. The best strategy is to divide up the swings throughout the day. After you get up in the morning, take 25 cuts batting from the right side and then take 25 cuts batting from the left side. (It does not matter if you are not interested in switch hitting, practicing swinging from both sides will allow you to develop your muscles more fully.
2. Depending on what your schedule will permit, you can either take another 25 cuts each from the left and right side at lunch or just after school gets out.
3. Then, take 25 cuts from each side right before or after dinner.
4. Finally, take 25 cuts from each side right before bedtime.

Over time, you will see your strength grow and should develop a more natural swing. Also, as you get stronger you can increase the number of overall swings. This is an excellent Baseball Hitting Strategy to follow.
From here, you can incorporate this repetition principle into other aspects of your Baseball Hitting routine.

For instance, if you do not already practice your swing by hitting off a tee, it is a good idea to acquire a basic hitting tee and a bucket of whiffle balls. The cost is minimal as these two items can be purchased for under $65, but the benefits to your Baseball Hitting can be quite large. A Hitting Tee affords you the opportunity to practice your baseball hitting of inside and outside pitches. For example, if you have difficulty hitting outside pitches, you can set your self up away from the tee so to practice hitting outside pitches. Over time, you will see your skill improve because of the repetition principle.

You want get into the habit of practicing your hitting 5-6 times a week. One caveat: as you start to increase your batting swing repetitions, you will begin to develop blisters and calluses on your hands. This may initially seem like a bad thing; however, these really are badges of honor. They show you are putting in the work on your swing. There is an old expression in baseball hitting circles which says practice until the blisters bleed. Once you develop hardened calluses on your hands, you will be able to keep increasing your repetitions.

Bottom line is do not let a lack of access to a batting cage prevent you from practicing your swing. It should not matter whether you have access to a batting cage or not. In the end, all you really need is a baseball bat and a strong desire to improve.

Jack Elliott, is a former player and fan of the game. To read more tips and techniques like the ones in this article, please click here:
Article Source:

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Product Spotlight: Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine Package

With everything you need to start training, this Jugs(r) Small-Ball(r) pitching machine package includes the Small-Ball(r) pitching machine, a Small-Ball(r) instant protective screen, a Hitting Stick(tm), 4-dozen Small-Balls(r), a throw-down home plate, and a free drill book. This package allows players of all ages to practice hitting safely and in a limited space, without the need for a batting cage!

Package Contents
1 Small-Ball(r) pitching machine
1 Small-Ball(r) instant protective screen
1 Hitting Stick(tm)
4-dozen Small-Balls(r)
1 throw-down home plate
1 drill book Pitching

Machine Features
Designed to teach the hitter to track the ball from the release point to the impact zone
Also designed to increase the hitter''s mental concentration by teaching to hit a small object with a small bat
Throws the Jugs(r) polyurethane-foam 5-in/0.5-oz Small-Ball(r)
Heavy-duty steel construction with 1-year guarantee
Adjustable legs for realistic delivery height for both baseball and softball
Portable and lightweight - weighs only 23 lbs.
Simulates speeds up to 75 mph
Throws fastballs or overhand curves with uncanny accuracy
Shoots fly balls and ground balls
Manual and automatic feed: 25-ball feeder releases a ball every 5 seconds
Safe to use anywhere, including backyards, garages, or your chosen practice field
Single dial setting speed adjustment
Operates on standard 110-volt AC
Optional battery pack available (sold separately)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Product Spot Light: Catcher Protector

This patented design was developed to be the most comfortable sports seat on the market, and is the only seat designed to protect the user's groin area. It fits on any bucket and is lightweight, durable and simple to use.


"Anybody who spends time working with a pitcher would certainly do themselves a favor by using the Catcher Protector. It is amazing how comfortable it is plus the added benefit of the protection. It is a wonder why nobody has come up with this idea before! " Butch Thompson, Pitching Coach, Auburn University, Auburn, AL.

"I have been involved with city league and travel team baseball for over thirteen years. I have coached from age 4 to age 16 and tried countless training aids in order to help kids learn fundamentals. There has never been anything that assisted me more than the Dad’s Catcher Protector. While I have used five gallon buckets as ball containers and even targets, the Cather Protector was an ingenious addition to coaching equipment. Pitching is obviously the single most important position in baseball and pitching practice can be both tiresome and grueling for the dad/coach. This unique product provides an unbelievably comfortable position that you can both catch and analyze pitching practice for hours. It allows you to rotate with ease while also providing great protection from the occasional wild pitch. In addition, it provides a great seat in the dugout for the coach who likes to be close to the game. I will never conduct a practice without my Dad’s Catcher Protector".

- Gary Bradshaw, Enterprise, AL's Christmas Special Christmas Special

Order $300 or more and receive your choice of a Pro or Youth Hit2win Trainer, a $59.95 to $79.95 Value, Asolutely Free! All you pay is the $8 shipping charge for this great training tool. Offer expires Dec. 21, 2008. Offer valid only in the 48 continental USA states. For more details or information, call toll free, 1-877-431-4487.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Introducing the STRIKEBACK TRAINER Multi-purpose Pitching Target

"When Just Throwing a Strike is Not Good Enough!"
"Learn to hit your spots...and make them spin!"

Introducing the STRIKEBACK TRAINER Multi-purpose Pitching Target, Catcher, and Toss-Back. The STRIKEBACK TRAINER features the new "Spin-N-Spots" technology.

The spots are designed to close resemble a catchers mitt. The spots spin when hit to give the pitcher instant feedback. The pitcher learns to concentrate on a spot which is a key skill required to be a successful pitcher.

The STRIKEBACK develops incredible confidence and control!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Product Shotlight:

Product Description:

Perfect your swing and your hand-eye coordination by hitting ball-after-ball with the affordable Scorpion 8 Hour Portable Soft Toss Machine. The Scorpion 8 Hour includes a 12-ball auto ball feeder, a Crusher 8 Hour rechargeable battery and can be powered by a power adapter (included), or 4 C batteries (not included). The battery power feature and sturdy lightweight design make the Scorpion easy to move and transport. The Scorpion delivers the perfect toss every time, and allows you to put some real sting into your hitting game


Spiral Auto-Ball Feeder
Metal Toss Extension
Tubular Steel Stand
Uses 4 C Batteries (Not Included)
8 Hour Crusher Rechargeable Battery

Model #: SP79
• Recommended Ages: 6 years to Adult
• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - One Year Warranty
• Use with Lite-Balls or Regulation Baseballs

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Product Spotlight: Derek Jeter Hurricane Hitting Machine

If you are looking for the "Edge" to give your player or team a "definite advantage" over the competition, you can stop looking! You have found it, the Derek Jeter Hurricane Baseball Hitting Machine by ProPerformance Sports! 100% Guaranteed to improve skill, batspeed, hitting confidence!

It will definitely help get more basehits, hit more linedrives, score more runs and win more games! Infact we back this machine with one of the best product guarantees in the sporting goods industry.

We back the Derek Jeter Hurricane Baseball Hitting Machine Machine with the ABSOLUTE BEST WARRANTIES and 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEES in the industry! If you have questions, we can help! We will gladly answer an questions that you might have.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pitching Machine Versatility by Carl Fogle

While pitching machines are most often thought of as tools to aid in batting practice, there are other situations in which the right pitching machine can be an invaluable tool for the results-oriented coach or manager. Many modern pitching machines can be set to throw groundballs and fly balls which can be a great help in many situations — two of which we discuss below.


From little league to high school ball, tryouts are a necessary but sometimes overwhelming process where literally hundreds of hopefuls must be evaluated in seconds apiece. Most tryouts are set up in stages — a groundball stage, a fly ball stage, a batting stage, and a pitching stage — where characteristics such as arm strength, running speed, agility, fundamentals, and power are judged. How best to judge all of these elements quickly and accurately? Consistency.

As any coach who has tried to hit hundreds of fly balls or grounders with a fungo can tell you, consistency is not something easily achieved by a person. That’s where a pitching machine like the Jugs Lite-Flite or Jugs Combo Machine comes in. By setting up a pitching machine like these two at each of our hypothetical testing stages, each individual can be consistently judged by the same set of criteria as everyone else. Let’s take the groundball stage as an example. By setting the Jugs Combo Machine to throw grounders instead of pitches (a snap given its 360 degree swivel design), each player can be sent the exact same grounder. This allows for quick and accurate evaluation where it is easy to judge a player’s speed, reflexes, and mastery of baseball fundamentals. How is this player’s hand speed versus that player’s? Does this player properly set his feet and position himself well to take the grounder? With the right pitching machine, these questions become simple to answer with some basic observation and your draft picks will become obvious.

And the same technique can be used at all of our tryout stages. Throwing the same fly ball repeatedly quickly reveals which players can properly read the ball’s flight path and who has the best foot speed. And a pitching machine’s presence in the batting stage goes without saying. Do you want to throw 2,000 pitches in a tryout to evaluate bat speed, rate of contact, and power? We didn’t think so. A pitching machine in a tryout is a tremendous asset in determining who is a natural outfielder or infielder, a power hitter or an Ichiro because of their consistency and versatility.


As in any sport, repetition is the key to mastery for the young baseball player. To properly teach the fundamentals of fielding groundballs, for example, it is largely a matter of numbers and familiarity. The player who has fielded 10,000 groundballs has an advantage over the player that has only fielded 1,000. And because of a pitching machines consistency, speed, versatility, and flexibility, achieving these numbers is much easier than trying to hit all those grounders and fly balls yourself with a bat.

Furthermore, just like in the tryout situation, being able to throw the same grounder at every player on your team allows you to quickly evaluate strengths and weaknesses and where your knowledge of fundamentals can best be applied. Is that player afraid of the ball? Is that player standing flat-footed and waiting for the ball instead of attacking it? With the right pitching machine and techniques, these questions are soon answered and your team is that much stronger because of it.

This article is just an overview of how a versatile pitching machine can help a team go from pretender to contender. We will discuss drills and more specific techniques in forthcoming articles, but if you’ve just been thinking as a pitching machine as a tool in batting practice, we hope that this article has given you some ideas as to the many applications of a great machine like the Jugs Combo Machine for any municipal league, team, or individual player.

About The Author
Carl Fogle is a longtime baseball coach at the high school and community college level. He is also the webmaster of and a leading expert in the use of pitching machines in the development of young baseball players.

Baseball Pitching Machine For Less at

Jugs Pitching Machines Bata Pitching Machines

Heater Pitching Machines

Iron Mike "Arm Style" Pitching Machines

Thursday, October 9, 2008

DVD: "Hitting Drills & Techniques" by Marty Schupak

One of the Youth Sports Club's newest releases: Hitting Drills & Techniques provides some of the most creative hitting drills and techniques for the youth player, including a comprehensive breakdown of the swing.

Coach Marty Schupak has compiled some of the most productive and useful drills he has used over his 16-year youth-baseball coaching career. In addition, former baseball professional and nationally known hitting instructor, Bobby Woods, takes part in this video to teach his highly productive theories.

Covers: The grip, The batting stance, Weight transfer, Bunting, The stride, Fun Games, The inside-out swing, and Bonus Tips.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Product Spotlight: Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine

Focus small, hit big

If the toughest thing to do in sports is hit a round ball with a round bat, try it with a ball half the size. Practicing small removes the fear factor for younger players and forces hitters of all ages to track the ball from the release point to the impact zone. The smaller size promotes mental concentration, especially when used in conjunction with a small diameter bat.

The Jugs Small Ball is a soft, polyurethane foam yet its markings make it look like a real baseball. Limited flight is suitable for use indoors and out.
  • Heavy-duty steel frame & legs
  • Adjustable legs for realistic delivery height for both baseball & softball
  • Simulates speeds up to 75 mph
  • Throws fastballs, overhand curves, fly balls and ground balls
  • Included automatic 25 ball feeder releases balls every 5 seconds
  • Note: Balls as shown in the feeder are not included.
  • Recommended for ages 7 and up
  • Operates on 110V, for information on battery charge
  • Drill book included
  • 1-year warranty

Small Ball Jugs Pitching Machine

Friday, October 3, 2008

Product Spotlight: Advanced Skills Tee

Used by over 2000 high schools and colleges!The AST (patented) is unlike any other swing trainer available.
Designed to help experienced players perfect their bat skills and begining players to learn proper mechanics, a forward arm and outside swing barrier simultaneously eliminate both "dipping" and "casting". And, the height adjustable (24"-40"), movable arm positions the ball anywhere across the strike zone to realistically represent inside and outside pitch locations. Use the AST to build a compact swing, keep the "hands inside the ball" and develop a "quick" bat. Use it to increase bat speed and learn to "hit the ball where it's pitched". Includes a two-year warranty!

Why the Forward Arm?

In fact, the question should be "Why not a forward arm?". You don't hit the ball over the center of the plate (as traditional batting tees suggest). You make contact in front of the plate. But there are two other equally important reasons to use a forward arm design:

1. The forward arm eliminates "dipping" or dropping the hands and trailing shoulder to lift the ball with a "looping" type swing. If you "dip" with the AST, you hit the back of the arm. It forces you to take the bat straight down to the ball, leveling the swing at the point of contact.

2. The forward arm also pivots and rotates to place the ball on the inside or outside of the strike zone. Then, the arm points in the direction to drive the ball based on pitch location (i.e. pull the inside pitch, go with the outside pitch to the opposite field . . . "Hit the ball where it's pitched").

What is the Purpose of the Outside Barrier?

The outside barrier eliminates "casting". It keeps you form swinging "long" and helps you "keep the hands inside the ball". If the bat or arms are extended prematurely the bat head will slap the flexible upright barrier post. For years coaches have set a tee adjacent to a fence or screen to force hitters to compact their swing.
The outside barrier does the same thing except it is a lot more effective. It rotates around the tee to accommodate LH or RH hitters and it moves along with the forward arm to help you keep the hands "tight" when you are working on inside and outside pitch locations. With the outside barrier you are forced to rotate the hips and torso and extend the hands only at the point of contact. It produces a "quick" bat and more power as well.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ready-to-Assemble Batting Cage Kits Save You Time, Money and Headaches

Batting Cage Kits can be a great option to choose when you build your own batting cage. If you are on a limited budget or wish to save as much money and time as possible, using a kit is your best choice. A kit contains everything you need to build your batting cage including the net, the frame, all hardware, and easy-to-follow instructions and everything is shipped directly to your home or business. Using a batting cage net and frame kit will definitely save you time, money, and a lot of headaches.
Our ready-to-assemble Batting Cage Net and Frame Packages come with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions that allow 2 people to assemble a 60' batting cage in less than an hour.

Buy a Batting Cage Net and Frame Kit and Save. has many Batting Cage Kits to choose from at Discount Prices.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Weight Training and Baseball by Rob Maraby

Baseball is known as perhaps one of the most inactive sports there is-by this I mean you don’t really have to be a top athlete to actually be the best at the game! Compared to other games there is far less activity and running! However strength is crucial in this game!

When you are strong, you can hit harder, you can be quicker at base-running and you will have stronger throws- all of which are the needed to win the game. And isn’t that what all baseball players want to have the ability to hit home runs with ease? And make flying passes at the bases beating the throwers to the plate?

Now you can say that some players are gifted and can hit home runns without much training. But for most players , strength training is crucial if they want to excel at the game! Fact is, you can be as strong and just as good as the most talented players through a solid weight training program no matter how skillful you are right now, your speed, muscle endurance and power can all be improved!. It is undeniable what a good weight program can do to improve your game.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hitting A Baseball - Use The Gaps Please by: Nate Barnett

How do you tell if a hitter is creating the correct energy and movement at bat? One simple way (there are obviously more technical ways) is to observe where most of the balls are traveling while hitting a baseball. If a hitter is directing balls into the gaps (regardless if they are ground balls or fly balls) he's on the right track. On the flip side, if a lot of balls are being sliced down the opposite field line or hooked to the pull side, some mechanical alterations are necessary. Two common causes are found here:
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Product Spotlight: Chris Sinacori Pitching 4-Pack

Good Morning! One of our best selling DVDs is the Chris Sinacori Pitching 4-Pack - This great series covers many areas. Each tape concentrates on a specific:

Tape 1 - 5 Successful Pitching Routines & the Importance of Mound Presence
Tape 2 - Pitching Mechanics and Delivery Drills
Tape 3 - Holding Runners and Fielding the Position
Tape 4 - Situational Pitching and Recognizing Hitters

I highly recommend this tape 4-pack for coaches at all levels. - Has one of the internet's largest and most complete listing of coaching DVDs, books and videos.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CoachesBest Sells Top Quality Batting Cages and Batting Cage Nets at Discount Prices sells batting cages for home, team and school use. We specialize in complete cage and frame packages for home use that provide you with a complete cage setup at one low price. We also sell nets without frames and all types of screens and custom nets.

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Batting Cage Special 70x14x12 #36 Net with Frame
Just $1099.99 + S&H

We have a large selection of Complete Batting Cage Packages with ready-t0-assemble batting cages nets and frames.

We sell batting cage nets without frames also.

Product Spotlight: Zip-n-Hit Pro Trainer - Derek Jeter Series

Now You Can Take Batting Practice Almost Anywhere!
--Easy to Use. --No balls to chase.
--Teaches the highly acclaimed "Top Half" hitting technique.
--Eliminates uppercuts and developes a level swing plane.
--Portable, simple to setup, and totally "kid friendly"!
--Nothing works, teaches, or trains like this innovative new product!
--Absolutely the best trainer ever to teach players to keep their hands back on the off speed pitches.
--Batters can learn to visually track and hit pitches of all speeds and off speeds.
--Order two and double your batting practice.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baseball Drills - Staying Motivated While You Practice By: Nate Barnett

One of the biggest challenges a coach faces is to successfully instill a long-term motivation and vision in practice during the typical lengthy baseball season. It's not uncommon for a high school player to spend February through August doing baseball drills, workouts, training, and of course participating in games. So the question must be asked, how can you create a sense of urgency and long-term focus during the hundreds of hours of baseball drills throughout the season?

This is where goals come into play. Though I will say, be careful how you use the term "goals", the reaction of your athletes may be less than excited. I prefer the term, "road map". Whether it be to play in high school, college, or professionally, you will be much more likely to find your athletes will perform the baseball drills and workouts you create efficiently if you help them continually expand their road map. Without a clear and defined road map, you'll end up wasting a lot of practice time and will most certainly find it tough to help your players stay motivated throughout the duration of the season.

Read Entire Article at Baseball Coaches Digest. - Quality Products, Great Service and Low Prices

Monday, September 22, 2008

Baseball Training Product Spotlight: Hands Back Hitting Tee by SwingBuster

The Hands Back Hitter is a great batting trainer for all ages. This patented pitching machine/ batting tee hybrid controls the swing sequence for teaching rotational hitting and opposite field mechanics.

"Finally a fun batting trainer that teaches the correct swing."
- Mike Epstein, hitting instructor

"We use the Hands Back Hitter to teach separation between stride and swing."
Coach Woody Hunt, (Cumberland University) 2004 NAIA National Champs has the Handsback Hitter at Discount Prices

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Baseball Defensive Training Products Build Good Hands

Soft-hands are a must for solid infield play. There are several baseball training devices that help a baseball player develop softer-hands and learn to use two hands at all times.

There is not better time to do "better hands" training work than the off season. Simply fielding ground balls rolled from short distances inside or under the carport, will help with hands "soft-ness" and skill.

Coaches best has several great tools for building soft hands including the Derek Jeter Soft-Hands Trainer, the Muhltech "Play-maker" training glove insert,and the ReactionPro Defensive Training System- Baseball & Softball, and the Sklz Reaction Ball-Derek Jeter Series.

Check out the "Soft-hands" trainers at

Have a great day, Nick

Friday, September 19, 2008 Product Spotlight: Joe Mauer Quick Swing Hit Trainer


How do you develop a short, quick, compact swing? There's no better way than with the Mauer's QuickSwing - Joe Mauer Signature Series. Invented by Jake Mauer II for his son, 2006 Batting Champion, Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins. The Mauer's QuickSwing uses a unique delayed gravity-drop design to help batters develop greater bat speed, hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and muscle memory.

  • Ideal for hitters of all ages and abilities. Baseball or Softball players!

  • New Auto-feed design allows you to load up to 12 baseballs (or 8 softalls) and cycles them out in 5 second intervals.

  • Delivers a moving ball downward, forcing you to wait to see the ball and react quickly.

  • Adjusts to varying degrees of difficulty.

  • Adjusts to varying heights. Portable and durable

  • FREE instructional DVD by 2006 A.L. Batting Champion, Joe Mauer, and Hall of Fame inductee, Paul Molitor.

Quick Swing Trainers at Discount Price PLUS Free Shipping(Free S&H is a limited offer that may end soon)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baseball Drills - Hitting Problems? - Check The Lower Half First By Nate Barnett

There are very few things more frustrating to an athlete than than to struggle at the plate as a hitter and not understand where the problem stems from. When I work with hitters, I focus on perfecting the functions of lower body mechanics because of the affect the lower body has on the upper half. Trying to solve upper body hitting mechanics without addressing the lower half first is like attempting to build a house beginning with the second story prior to building the basement - it doesn't work too well.

Some of the common mistakes that can be ironed out with some common lower body baseball drills are: Click Here to Continue Reading

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Baseball Terms and Techniques

Today I define 3 terms often heard and not understood by baseball players, parents and beginning coaches.

Question: What exactly is pepper?

Answer: pepper -- Pepper is a common pre-game exercise where one player bunts brisk grounders and line drives to a group of fielders who are standing about 20 feet away. The fielders try to throw it back as quickly as possible. The batter hits the return throw. (Some ballparks ban pepper games because wild pitches could land in the stands and injure spectators).

Question: What is the Mendoza line?

Answer: Mendoza line -- A batting average of around .200.

Question: What is a Baltimore chop?

Answer: Baltimore chop -- A ground ball that hits in front of home plate (or off of it) and takes a large hop over the infielder's head.

Have a great day. Til next time, Nick

Baseball Coaches Digest - Your online source for baseball coaching videos, DVDs, and Books.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Why You Should Coach Youth Baseball" By Chip Lemin

By Chip LeminThe next time you go to a youth baseball practice or any type of youth practice, take notice of what most parents do. They pull up in their vehicle, drop off the player and leave. At the most they may notify the coach that they are leaving.

This is not to say anything negative about the parents, this is what most coaches will encounter.

Thank goodness they have people like yourself, will come to practice and stay to help. That makes you a very good candidate to become an excellent baseball coach. Because you have read this article, and made it this far shows me that you have what it takes to be a fantastic coach.

Coach Chip.

Chip Lemin has been a promoter of youth baseball since they started using aluminum bats. That's a long time. I have witnessed many good people get into coaching without solid coaching skills and it is not fun for them or the kids.Today's newer coaches are also being shortchanged on sportsmanship, like there is none. Visit my site to sign up for a insightful, informational, free coaching e-course at

Article Source:


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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quick Swing Hitting Trainer Improves Hitting Mechanics

Quick Swing Hitting Trainer Improves Hitting Mechanics

Quick Swing Baseball Training Aid by Joe Mauer uses a unique delayed gravity-drop design to help baseball batters develop greater baseball bat speed, hitting hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and batting muscle memory. The Joe Mauer Quick Swing makes a great hittig station for improving hitting mechanics and perfecting the perfect baseball swing.

Joe Mauer Quick Swing Trainer Link

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 911


Monday, September 8, 2008

JUGS Products Added to is proud to announce that we are adding the JUGS product line which includes a variety of proven quality products. The JUGS product line not only includes their well-known pitching machines, but also training aids, batting cages, practice balls, radar guns, along with protective screens and nets.

We currently have JUGS pitching machines available on the site along with all JUGS practice balls and will be adding the remainder of the JUGS product line to over the next couple of weeks.

JKP Sports, Inc. (JUGS Company) has been in business for 37 years and is one of the most well respected companies in the baseball and softball industry.

To find out more on JUGS pitching machines, please visit

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Monday, August 18, 2008

SKLZ Training Bats is proud to offer the complete line of SKLZ training bats. This product line consists of 4 different training bats designed to develop specific qualities of the swing.
Let's take a look at these fine products.

NOTE: These training bats are beneficial to BASEBALL and SOFTBALL players.

SKLZ Sweet Spot Training Bat:
The Sweet Spot Bat teaches a hitter to contact the ball on the center of the barrel of the bat to provide maximum power. The Sweet Spot's barrel is constructed of a durable bamboo which allows the it to be used in any hitting condition. The Sweet Spot can be used while hitting live pitching, while in the cages, or with any of the swing trainers on the market today. There are 2 different models of the Sweet Spot.
The Youth/Fastpitch Softball Model has a 2 1/4" barrel and is available in 28", 30", and 32". To see more on this item go to
The Adult Model for Baseball has a 2 5/8" barrel and is available in 31" and 33". To view this item go to

SKLZ Live Wire Narrow Diameter Bamboo Training Bat:
The Live Wire is hands down the most popular training bat we use in our baseball program. The players love working out in the cages with the Live Wire and the SKLZ Small Balls. The Live Wire is a Bamboo bat with a narrow 1 5/8" barrel that can be used in any setting. You can use the Live Wire in the cages, with live pitching, or with training aids. Live Wire was designed to be used with the SKLZ 8" Small Balls ( but can be used with any type ball on the market. The small barrel, especially when used with small balls, rapidly increases a hitter's hand-eye coordination. The Live Wire comes in true weights and feels just like your game bat when used. Live Wire is available in 28", 30", 32", or 34".
To view this products please visit

SKLZ Quick Stick Training Bat:
The Quick Stick is a variable length small diameter training bat designed to be used with wiffle balls. To get the most out of this bat, one should use it in combination with golf ball sized wiffles. The length is adjustable from 28" to 34" and Quick Stick is suitable for all ages. Using the item with golf ball sized wiffles will rapidly increase hand-eye coordination. The bat is also designed to help a hitter have quick hands. Check out this item at

SKLZ Power Stick Training Bat:
The Power Stick is a variable length small diameter training bat which is also designed to be used with training wiffles only. Like the Quick Stick, the Power Stick adjusts from 28" to 34" in order to be benefit all ages. The Power Stick comes with 3 screw-in weights that offer combinations of -3 to -10 weights while training. The bat is designed to increase the strength in a hitter's hands, wrist, and forearms while increasing hand-eye coordination. Take a look at the Power Stick at

Any of the above mentioned training bats would benefit your baseball and softball players.

My personal favorite is the Live Wire paired with the SKLZ Small Balls. Our hitters worked out daily this past Spring with that combination and it really helped them see the ball better. Their confidence levels also shot up when using this system. We have also received many other positive comments about the Live Wire from other schools using them around our area.

Please visit us at for your baseball and softball needs.

Have a nice day, Nick.

Monday, August 11, 2008 New Product Alert!

I'm writing today to introduce you to 2 new products we just added to our fine selection of baseball and softball training aids. The ReactionPro is a new defensive trainer that is very simple, but will help make your team play solid defense. The 2nd product, the RBI ProSwing, is a new product that doubles as an on-deck bat weight and a swing trainer. Let's take a look at these 2 items below.

The ReactionPro is a defensive training system used by Baseball and Softball coaches to better develop their fielders. When using the ReactionPro, players can expect to improve reaction times on balls hit at them, increase hand-eye coordination when fielding ground balls, and see increased agility. The ReactionPro improves a player's overall instinctive defensive skills and instills greater confidence in players who train with the product. The product can be used indoors or outdoors and is ideal for teams and families with limited space to practice. The product is very lightweight and can be set up just about anywhere. The ReactionPro can be used with any type of ball. It is rated for ages 10 & up.

To read more on how the ReactionPro works visit

The RBI ProSwing is another new product we recently added to our selection of baseball and softball training aids. It doubles as an on-deck bat weight and a swing trainer. It is endorsed by Rusty Greer and works for both baseball and softball players. The device teaches the proper hitting technique and hand position during the impact point of the swing. The product helps promote quick hands and maximize power transfer at the impact point in the swing. RBI ProSwing comes in 3 different weights that are suitable for ages 7 & up.

To see the RBI ProSwing, please visit

Please visit our website at for many more fine baseball and softball training products.

Have a nice day, Nick.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Finally....Affordable Pitching Machines

The new Heater product line-up by Trend Sports makes it possible for everyone to have a batting cage and pitching machine in their own backyard! Their product line-up includes 3 different types of pitching machine lines and many different options for your very own Home Batting Cage with sizes ranging from 12' long all the way out to 72' long so you can find a package that meets your family's budget and needs.

Finally......someone has come out with an affordable line of pitching machines. Thanks to Trend Sports, makers of the Heater brand of pitching machines, nearly everyone can afford to have some type of batting cage setup in their backyard. This will allow your child to get the most practice possible which will also give he or she the best chance at succeeding as a hitter.

The new Heater pitching machine line is made up of 3 types of pitching machines- Each having their own features. The 3 categories are as follows.

Heater Mini Lite Ball Pitching Machines: These machines throw the golf ball sized wiffles and foam balls, thus their name. You do not need a batting cage to use this type machine and it is excellent for indoors. These machines rapidly increase eye-hand coordination. They are also very affordable. The following link will let you see the 2 different machines offered in this category.

Heater Lite Baseball Pitching Machines: These machines throw Lite Balls that are the same size as regular pitching machines balls but are made of a softer material. They are made of a foam type material like safety balls. These machines are perfect for players who are just starting out and tend to be afraid of the ball at times. The following link will let you take a look at these 3 pitching machines.

Heater Real Ball Pitching Machines: These machines throw real baseball and softballs along with pitching machine balls. They also throw the Lite Balls. We have 3 options in this category: baseball, softball, and combo machines.
To view the Baseball Machines, go to
There is only 1 offering in a true Softball machine and it can be viewed at
You also have the option to choose a Combo Machine. These machines are great if you have baseball and softball players in the family. Please check them out at

There is also a full line of Heater batting cages to go along with these pitching machines to enable you to create your very own backyard batting cage. You can view some of these packages at

We are very excited about having the oppurtunity to provide most every baseball or softball family in America with an some type of affordable pitching machine and even possibly a batting cage.

Thanks for your time, Nick.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Proper Throwing Mechanics: A Must for Young Players

Please Teach Your Young Players the Proper Throwing Mechanics!!!

The single most important skill that a child needs to learn when he or she starts playing the game of baseball or softball is how to throw correctly. If a child does not learn how to throw correctly from the start, it makes teaching them the correct way down the road MUCH more difficult.

Learning to throw correctly at an early age is important because it will help prevent arm injury in years to come. Proper throwing mechanics along with developing and building arm strength as a child gets older also help to prevent arm injury. Having good solid throwing mechanics typically means more arm strength and accuracy, which enables a child to have the oppurtunity to play multiple positions when coming up through the Youth baseball ranks and in High School. If a child has "no arm" or cannot control where the ball is thrown, that will eventually limit what position he or she can play. For example, someone who has an inefficient throwing motion and a weak arm would not be a good candidate for SS or 3B. And would probably not fair well as a Pitcher. What I'm trying to say here is that if a player learns the proper throwing mechanics at a young age, it will give that player a greater opportunity to be on the playing field when they get older and help them to avoid arm injury.

There are several key things to teach a child when learning to throw:

1. Grip on the Ball: Remember that the child's hand will be small when in Tee-Ball. So all we can do with the grip is to make sure the fingers are on top and the hand is behind the ball. Also, watch to make sure that when the ball is released, the hand and fingers stay behind the ball.
We will discuss this further in the "Release" section below.

2. Front Shoulder & Elbow: Make sure the front shoulder closes down and points directly at the intended target. As this is done, the front arm comes up and points the elbow directly at the target also. If the player does not do this step correctly, there is ZERO power or accuracy on the throw.

3. Make the Circle: The actual throwing motion should be a circle. The throwing hand should be brought down by the hip (we actually teach players to brush the hip as they start the circle) and travel to the power position, which is at the top of the circle. (see photo below) As the hand is traveling towards the top of the circle, the ball and palm should be pointed AWAY from your body as seen in photo. The circle is completed by bringing the ball forward while keeping the arm at 90 degrees. Make sure the elbow is above the shoulder during the actual throwing motion. This will help avoid elbow and shoulder injury in years to come.

4. Step & Throw: Make sure that the player steps directly at the target. This step is just a comfortable step. Nothing big that will make a player become off-balance. Just a smooth comfortable step towards the target.

5. Release: The release of the ball should be out in front and the hand and fingers should be on top and behind the ball as mentioned in the "Grip" section above. Make sure the throw has backspin on it. As players get older, that backspin should get tighter and tighter. If the throw has sidespin of some sort on it, the player does not have their hand behind the ball upon release.
Also, make sure that upon release, the players arm is fully extended out front. A "long arm" circle with good extension is ESSENTIAL to proper throwing mechanics.

6. Follow Through: As I mentioned, make sure the arm is fully extended at the release point. As you release the ball, let the back leg and back side come through to create a good follow through. The back leg and foot should end up in front of the stride foot when the whole throwing motion is complete. Without a good follow through, there will be no power on the throw.

If you think a child needs assistance on learning the proper throwing motion, please check out a product called the Throwmax at
The Throwmax will put a player's arm in the correct position throughout the throwing motion.
You still will have to watch and make sure the child does the other key elements in throwing correctly, but the Throwmax will benefit a young player tremendously.

Have a great day, Nick

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Home Batting Cage: Giving your player the best chance to succeed.

Does your baseball/softball player get enough batting practice during team practices?

Does your ballplayer play in a league where the onfield practices are short and scheduled due to a limited number of ballfields and multiple teams to use them?

Would you like to give your ballplayer the best chance to succeed as a hitter?

If you answer YES to any of the above questions, you should seriously consider purchasing a Home Batting Cage. A Home Batting Cage allows your players to get all the swings they need to make them the best hitter possible. With a Home Batting Cage, your players can take batting practice whenever they want. I think that being able to practice whenever a child gets the urge is very important. Also, you can have your child's whole team over to get extra practice in order to help the team be more successful.

A Home Batting Cage is the most logical and productive thing you can do if your son or daughter really loves the game of baseball or softball. Buying a cage can be like "putting-money-in-the-bank" if your child shows the potential to be a college player.

It is a known fact that players that have Home Batting Cages, on the average, have more hitting success than those players that do not have Home Batting Cages. I will admit that there are always exceptions. I am sure that we can all name a couple of excellence hitters that did not have a batting cage in their backyard.

However, a high percentage of today's collegiate baseball and softball players had daily access to a batting cage when they were gowing up. Many of those players had their very own backyard batting cage.

If you can afford it and you have a secure place to set up a cage, you would be well advised to order a cage as soon as you can. specialize in selling "Total Batting Cage Packages" that have both the net and frame included. Buying a cage this way saves you time and money and insures that you will have a top quality batting cage at the best price possible. Buy one of our systems and you buy a net and frame that are "made for each other". This insures quality performance and longevity. has complete Home Batting Cage packages measuring 40', 55', 60' and 70' long. These packages are mixed with #21, #36, and #45 Poly Netting (depending on which package you choose) in order to give you options when selecting that important investment for your child. You can view these Home Batting Cage packages at

Remember, a Home Batting Cage can give your player or players a significant edge over the competition and give them more of a chance to get that scholarship so many parents dream of for their kids.

Good Luck to your ball players and have a nice day, Nick.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Product Review - The Derek Jeter Strikeback

Good morning. The development of baseball defensive skill, arm strength, and baseball throwing accuracy takes a lot of practice at an early age. It is important that kids first learn the correct fundaments for catching and throwing a baseball before they are turned a loose on their own.

Once you are confident that your son has the correct baseball fundamentals and skills mastered the next step is to provide a way for your son to practice his baseball throwing and catching skills alone. The newest and latest new toss back trainer is the Derek Jeter Baseball Strikeback Toss-back Trainer. This innovative new design in baseball toss-back training net has a adjustable net angle and "spinning targets" that kids love! Check out his great new trainer today!

Have a great day, Nick.

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Guide To Safety For Young Atletes

Each year, more than 3.5 million sports-related injuries in children under age 15 are treated in hospitals, doctors' offices, clinics, ambulatory surgery centers and hospital emergency rooms in the United States, according to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.
According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the number of baseball related injuries involving children ages 5 through 14 yeears of age is over 250,000 injuries.

Click here for their Guide To Safety For Young Athletes.

Have a super day! Nick

Friday, July 18, 2008

The other huge All-Star Game that was played this week!

The 2008 Major League All-Star Baseball Game played at Yankee Stadium received all of the fanfare this week. However, the 59th MLB All-Star Game was not nearly as much fun for the players as was the 2008 Little League Baseball Tee Ball All-Star Game played on the Whitehouse lawn.

This as a great All-Star game. As baseball players, parents and coaches, we all remember the fun, the innocence, and the excitement of playing Tee ball. President Bush welcomed children from all 50 states to the White House's South Lawn for an All-Star Tee Ball game. It was a great event.

The game was played Wednesday, July 16. You can access the links below for video hightlights, slideshows, and news coverage

Have a great weekend, Nick

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nolan Ryan - One of Top 10 MLB Pitchers of All Time

After running this morning, I sat down for my morning dose of Mike and Mike on ESPN. Mike Greeny was discussing two of the greatest "Ryans"
in Major League Baseball History. Nolan Ryan and Ryan Sanberg, two Major League Baseball Hall of Famers. These two Major League Baseball Greats are two of the greatest MLB baseball players to ever put on a pair of cleats. Mike Greeny had the priviledge of having conversations with both when he was covering the 2008 Major League All Star Game in Yankee Stadium.

On "Mike and Mike", Greeny was discussing how Nolan Ryan dominated the inner half of the plate and intimidated Major League Baseball Players. Sanberg even said that he was intimidated by Ryan to the degree that if he got a hit or got on base that he would not look at Ryan for fear that he will make Ryan angry. Click Here is Hear Mike and Mike's Show's High Lights for this morning.

The "Nolan Ryan Express" is a baseball pitching machine that offers the same great benefits as the "high priced" machines but at a fraction of the cost. Check out the Nolan Ryan Express Baseball and Softball Pitching Machines. You will like what you see.

Have a great Day, Nick.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Check Out the Hands Back Hitter Baseball Training Tool

I hope that you have had a great day! I know that you enjoyed the Major League All-Star Game last night as much as I did. Boy, that alarm clock sure did seem to ring early this AM...
Make sure to check out the New Hands Back Hitter Baseball Training Tee. The HandsBack Hitter teaches the mechanics of the perfect baseball swing. It teaches hitters the proper "stride and swing" fundamentals for correctly hitting a baseball.

"Finally a fun batting trainer that teaches the correct swing."
- Mike Epstein, hitting instructor

"We use the Hands Back Hitter to teach separation between stride and swing." Coach Woody Hunt,
(Cumberland University) 2004 NAIA National Champs

See the Hands Hitter at

We have used three of these with my high school team at Boaz High. The Handsback Trainers added a greating hitting station that the kids loved. The Hands Back Trainer is great for teaching players to "trigger and load" to get the hands back to the launch position.

Thanks, Have a great day, Nick.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What a great day for baseball!

Tonight I was deeply touched by the introductions at the 59th Major League Allstar Game. Seeing such a great collection of Major League Allstars on the field for the National Anthem will always be a memory that I will cherish. This is truly America's game.

It was great to see Derek Jeter, Albert Pujols, Joe Mauer, and Lance Berkman all start the game.

We sell products that carry the name of each..
Derek Jeter - Hurricane Baseball Training Machine, ZipnHit Pro Baseball Trainer, and the Baseball Target Trainer
Albert Pujols - Sweet Spot Baseball Training Bat, LiveWire Baseball Training Bat, and the Quick Stick Training Bat
Joe Mauer - Quick Swing Trainer Baseball Training Aid
Lance Berkman - Muhl Tech Training Bat, Muhl Tech Baseball Trainers

Monday, July 14, 2008

New Products: Albert Pujols Baseball Training Bats

There are several new baseball training bats, endorsed by Albert Pujols, that have recently hit the market. These include the "Sweet-Spot" baseball training bat, the "Live-Wire" Bamboo Small Barrel Training Bat, and the "Quick Stick" Training Bat. The Sweet-Spot teaches and reinforces good mechanics by forcing players to get the barrel through the zone and to learn to use a bats sweet spot for better contact. The Sweet-Spot can be used to take batting practice with real baseballs. The "Live-Wire" is a small barrel training bat made of bamboo that can be used to hit real baseballs. It is a popular bat to use when hitting small baseballs. The "Quick Stick" is a small barrel, metal training bat, that improves bat speed but can only be used to hit plastic balls. The "Quick Stick" has variable length and weight adjustments. All of these bats come in various lengths and youth and adult models. To see photos of these training bats go to or
See ya later. Have a great Day, Nick.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Coach Nick's First Post...

Hello this is Nick from This is my first official post. I am starting this blog as a service to our baseball customers. I will be providing baseball training product information, reviewing new baseball training aids, reviewing new baseball coaching and training books and DVD, and introducing new promotions and new products.

I will also include some great baseball coaching tips and training drills for coaching hitters and pitchers. Thanks for stopping in. Make sure to come back often. Bookmark this blog for your future use.