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Monday, August 18, 2008

SKLZ Training Bats is proud to offer the complete line of SKLZ training bats. This product line consists of 4 different training bats designed to develop specific qualities of the swing.
Let's take a look at these fine products.

NOTE: These training bats are beneficial to BASEBALL and SOFTBALL players.

SKLZ Sweet Spot Training Bat:
The Sweet Spot Bat teaches a hitter to contact the ball on the center of the barrel of the bat to provide maximum power. The Sweet Spot's barrel is constructed of a durable bamboo which allows the it to be used in any hitting condition. The Sweet Spot can be used while hitting live pitching, while in the cages, or with any of the swing trainers on the market today. There are 2 different models of the Sweet Spot.
The Youth/Fastpitch Softball Model has a 2 1/4" barrel and is available in 28", 30", and 32". To see more on this item go to
The Adult Model for Baseball has a 2 5/8" barrel and is available in 31" and 33". To view this item go to

SKLZ Live Wire Narrow Diameter Bamboo Training Bat:
The Live Wire is hands down the most popular training bat we use in our baseball program. The players love working out in the cages with the Live Wire and the SKLZ Small Balls. The Live Wire is a Bamboo bat with a narrow 1 5/8" barrel that can be used in any setting. You can use the Live Wire in the cages, with live pitching, or with training aids. Live Wire was designed to be used with the SKLZ 8" Small Balls ( but can be used with any type ball on the market. The small barrel, especially when used with small balls, rapidly increases a hitter's hand-eye coordination. The Live Wire comes in true weights and feels just like your game bat when used. Live Wire is available in 28", 30", 32", or 34".
To view this products please visit

SKLZ Quick Stick Training Bat:
The Quick Stick is a variable length small diameter training bat designed to be used with wiffle balls. To get the most out of this bat, one should use it in combination with golf ball sized wiffles. The length is adjustable from 28" to 34" and Quick Stick is suitable for all ages. Using the item with golf ball sized wiffles will rapidly increase hand-eye coordination. The bat is also designed to help a hitter have quick hands. Check out this item at

SKLZ Power Stick Training Bat:
The Power Stick is a variable length small diameter training bat which is also designed to be used with training wiffles only. Like the Quick Stick, the Power Stick adjusts from 28" to 34" in order to be benefit all ages. The Power Stick comes with 3 screw-in weights that offer combinations of -3 to -10 weights while training. The bat is designed to increase the strength in a hitter's hands, wrist, and forearms while increasing hand-eye coordination. Take a look at the Power Stick at

Any of the above mentioned training bats would benefit your baseball and softball players.

My personal favorite is the Live Wire paired with the SKLZ Small Balls. Our hitters worked out daily this past Spring with that combination and it really helped them see the ball better. Their confidence levels also shot up when using this system. We have also received many other positive comments about the Live Wire from other schools using them around our area.

Please visit us at for your baseball and softball needs.

Have a nice day, Nick.

Monday, August 11, 2008 New Product Alert!

I'm writing today to introduce you to 2 new products we just added to our fine selection of baseball and softball training aids. The ReactionPro is a new defensive trainer that is very simple, but will help make your team play solid defense. The 2nd product, the RBI ProSwing, is a new product that doubles as an on-deck bat weight and a swing trainer. Let's take a look at these 2 items below.

The ReactionPro is a defensive training system used by Baseball and Softball coaches to better develop their fielders. When using the ReactionPro, players can expect to improve reaction times on balls hit at them, increase hand-eye coordination when fielding ground balls, and see increased agility. The ReactionPro improves a player's overall instinctive defensive skills and instills greater confidence in players who train with the product. The product can be used indoors or outdoors and is ideal for teams and families with limited space to practice. The product is very lightweight and can be set up just about anywhere. The ReactionPro can be used with any type of ball. It is rated for ages 10 & up.

To read more on how the ReactionPro works visit

The RBI ProSwing is another new product we recently added to our selection of baseball and softball training aids. It doubles as an on-deck bat weight and a swing trainer. It is endorsed by Rusty Greer and works for both baseball and softball players. The device teaches the proper hitting technique and hand position during the impact point of the swing. The product helps promote quick hands and maximize power transfer at the impact point in the swing. RBI ProSwing comes in 3 different weights that are suitable for ages 7 & up.

To see the RBI ProSwing, please visit

Please visit our website at for many more fine baseball and softball training products.

Have a nice day, Nick.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Finally....Affordable Pitching Machines

The new Heater product line-up by Trend Sports makes it possible for everyone to have a batting cage and pitching machine in their own backyard! Their product line-up includes 3 different types of pitching machine lines and many different options for your very own Home Batting Cage with sizes ranging from 12' long all the way out to 72' long so you can find a package that meets your family's budget and needs.

Finally......someone has come out with an affordable line of pitching machines. Thanks to Trend Sports, makers of the Heater brand of pitching machines, nearly everyone can afford to have some type of batting cage setup in their backyard. This will allow your child to get the most practice possible which will also give he or she the best chance at succeeding as a hitter.

The new Heater pitching machine line is made up of 3 types of pitching machines- Each having their own features. The 3 categories are as follows.

Heater Mini Lite Ball Pitching Machines: These machines throw the golf ball sized wiffles and foam balls, thus their name. You do not need a batting cage to use this type machine and it is excellent for indoors. These machines rapidly increase eye-hand coordination. They are also very affordable. The following link will let you see the 2 different machines offered in this category.

Heater Lite Baseball Pitching Machines: These machines throw Lite Balls that are the same size as regular pitching machines balls but are made of a softer material. They are made of a foam type material like safety balls. These machines are perfect for players who are just starting out and tend to be afraid of the ball at times. The following link will let you take a look at these 3 pitching machines.

Heater Real Ball Pitching Machines: These machines throw real baseball and softballs along with pitching machine balls. They also throw the Lite Balls. We have 3 options in this category: baseball, softball, and combo machines.
To view the Baseball Machines, go to
There is only 1 offering in a true Softball machine and it can be viewed at
You also have the option to choose a Combo Machine. These machines are great if you have baseball and softball players in the family. Please check them out at

There is also a full line of Heater batting cages to go along with these pitching machines to enable you to create your very own backyard batting cage. You can view some of these packages at

We are very excited about having the oppurtunity to provide most every baseball or softball family in America with an some type of affordable pitching machine and even possibly a batting cage.

Thanks for your time, Nick.