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Monday, August 29, 2011

Problems With Travel Baseball: Not Enough Practice Time

Problems With Travel Baseball: Not Enough Practice Time
By Andy Pohl

When travel league schedules revolve around tournament play, winning inherently becomes the primary focus. Rarely do these teams have time to practice due to the heightened amount of travel and games. This is a glaring problem with travel baseball, as kids need a combination of practice and games to best facilitate athletic development. Simply throwing young kids out on the field to play as many games as possible does not necessarily facilitate athletic development, as younger athletes need considerable practice time to develop their hitting and defensive skills in a pressure free environment.

Basically, what travel baseball has done is put 8-11 year olds in an adult created setting where the pressure to win and perform takes precedent over the emotional and athletic development of the players themselves.

A bi-product of this reality is the coaches themselves acting as if they were managing professional players - the yelling, the throwing of equipment, the arguing with umpires, the sulking after losses. And while it may appear that these travel coaches know what they are doing with their custom made dry-fit coaching shirts and Oakley Sunglasses resting on the brims of their fitted caps, the fact of the matter is that most of travel coaches possess the same amount of knowledge as your average house league coach. In fact, the majority of travel players are being coached by parents who don't know the first thing about baseball or the social and emotional development of kids. Many of these parent coaches cannot even properly parent their own kids!

Rather than winning, the focus for youth baseball needs to be on development. After all, once these kids hit puberty, it is really not going to matter which travel team your son played on and how many tournaments they won. Athletic excellence and success cannot always be identified at an early age, and inferior athletes will frequently blossom and attain success in later years given the right opportunity to compete and develop their skills. Consistent practice time is a critical component to this development.

Though some may disagree with several of the statements in this narrative, understand that my goal is to report in an honest and straightforward manner what I know to be true from my many experiences working with youth baseball players. I have no hidden agenda. The well-being of kids is always my top priority, hence the reason why I created this article.

Andy Pohl - Co-Founder, DNA Sports

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Importance of a Good Baseball Weight Training Program

The Importance of a Good Baseball Weight Training Program
By Guest Author Ron Wrigley

Serious baseball players understand the importance of starting a baseball weight training program during the off-season. Sure, they could spend the off-season reliving the wins and losses of the past season, but that does nothing to improve their game. A smart program will only improve a player's skills.

In recent years, there has been much buzz about famous baseball athletes who performed well and then were found to be using steroids and other harmful substances to increase their performance. Instead of participating in these illegal practices, it is important to know how to train properly so that you can be the best in the sport.

Baseball players mostly use the core muscles in the body: those located in the stomach and the back. Some of the key elements in the sport are power and the ability to be quick. Major league teams have recognized that a players ability to bring these elements into the game relies heavily on their weight training. Most of these teams have incorporated weight training rooms and fitness centers in their stadiums, as well as trainers who are professionals at coaching sports competitors.

The barbell push press is very effective at training the muscles in the shoulder area, allowing a baseball player to achieve a very strong swing with the bat. The front squat will benefit any athlete in increasing leg and shoulder strength as well as balance and stability. The barbell bench press, jump shrugs, and squats are other exercises that ball players should practice which strengthens the entire upper body.

Lunges and jumping jacks will help with endurance skills, and practicing jumping hurdles can be another great exercise for athletes to take part in.

Not only is it important to increase your stamina and weight lifting skills, but you should also practice sprinting and agility drills so that you are quick on your feet. Do your best to be in good physical shape for the games before your season begins and you will be well on your way to a winning season.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Baseball Coaching Glove Radar: Excellent Tool - Excellent Price

The Glove Radar™ can aid any player - infielders and outfielders, as well as pitchers and catchers, throwing from any distance. Professional and amateur players can use the Glove Radar™ when warming-up. Young ballplayers will benefit from velocity information when tossing or training, and will have fun using it.

The Glove Radar™ is a small inexpensive Doppler radar velocity sensor which attaches to a baseball or softball glove to measure the speed of the ball just before it is caught. It is easily attached to, and removed from virtually any ball glove. Clever design results in a small, versatile, low-cost device affordable for youth and senior level teams and individual players.

The purpose of Glove Radar™ is to assist in developing players' throwing capabilities by providing a measure of velocity improvement which results from using proper throwing techniques. By learning the proper way to condition, train, warm-up, and throw, players can achieve their best accuracy and velocity performance, while reducing the risks of injury to their arm and body.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Free Baseball Coaching & Training Drills and Tips

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Youth Baseball Training - Three Tips to Increase Baserunning Speed

Youth Baseball Training - Three Tips to Increase Baserunning Speed
By guest author: Jake Wyatt

Youth baseball coaches spend a lot of practice time focusing on batting, throwing, and fielding skills. Speed training often consists of just having the kids run the bases as fast as they can a few times. Coaches that take the time to work with their players on their base running speed will make their teams more competitive.

Here are some specific tips to use to help your players run faster. Working with each player individually to help them increase their speed will have the most benefit, as each player will need different improvements.

1. Arm position. The runner's arm position should be close to the body at a 90 degree angle and about waist high. As the player runs, the arms should be moving front to back. Sideways movements will slow the runner down. The shoulders and hands should be relaxed. Have players practice the correct movements in slow motion until they develop the appropriate muscle memory.

2. Focus. The runner should be looking at his destination, not at the ground in front of him. For baseball players this means the next base. However, the player does need to be aware of what's going on around him, so he doesn't get tagged on the baseline or run into another player.

3. Foot position. Keep runners OFF their heels. The proper foot position for the fastest speed is to land on the ball of the foot and push off, rolling forward to the toes. Professional running shoes have the cleats only on the front of the shoe, because this is where a runner's power comes from.

If a coach spends a few minutes every practice working with his players on their running form, his team will be faster overall. And a faster team wins more baseball games!

In order to be the best possible baseball player, training should happen year-round and be a joint effort between the coach, the player and the parents. Get more free tips to improve baseball performance, reviews of e-products related to baseball, and links to training resources at

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Baseball Fielding Drills

Baseball Drills for Infielders - How to catch a ground ball

Four Baseball Fielding Drills to be used indoors or out. They will improve technique while giving players a baseball specific workout.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Baseball Tips: Taking a Lead

Baseball Tips: Taking a Lead
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