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Monday, August 11, 2008 New Product Alert!

I'm writing today to introduce you to 2 new products we just added to our fine selection of baseball and softball training aids. The ReactionPro is a new defensive trainer that is very simple, but will help make your team play solid defense. The 2nd product, the RBI ProSwing, is a new product that doubles as an on-deck bat weight and a swing trainer. Let's take a look at these 2 items below.

The ReactionPro is a defensive training system used by Baseball and Softball coaches to better develop their fielders. When using the ReactionPro, players can expect to improve reaction times on balls hit at them, increase hand-eye coordination when fielding ground balls, and see increased agility. The ReactionPro improves a player's overall instinctive defensive skills and instills greater confidence in players who train with the product. The product can be used indoors or outdoors and is ideal for teams and families with limited space to practice. The product is very lightweight and can be set up just about anywhere. The ReactionPro can be used with any type of ball. It is rated for ages 10 & up.

To read more on how the ReactionPro works visit

The RBI ProSwing is another new product we recently added to our selection of baseball and softball training aids. It doubles as an on-deck bat weight and a swing trainer. It is endorsed by Rusty Greer and works for both baseball and softball players. The device teaches the proper hitting technique and hand position during the impact point of the swing. The product helps promote quick hands and maximize power transfer at the impact point in the swing. RBI ProSwing comes in 3 different weights that are suitable for ages 7 & up.

To see the RBI ProSwing, please visit

Please visit our website at for many more fine baseball and softball training products.

Have a nice day, Nick.

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