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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Product Spot Light: Catcher Protector

This patented design was developed to be the most comfortable sports seat on the market, and is the only seat designed to protect the user's groin area. It fits on any bucket and is lightweight, durable and simple to use.


"Anybody who spends time working with a pitcher would certainly do themselves a favor by using the Catcher Protector. It is amazing how comfortable it is plus the added benefit of the protection. It is a wonder why nobody has come up with this idea before! " Butch Thompson, Pitching Coach, Auburn University, Auburn, AL.

"I have been involved with city league and travel team baseball for over thirteen years. I have coached from age 4 to age 16 and tried countless training aids in order to help kids learn fundamentals. There has never been anything that assisted me more than the Dad’s Catcher Protector. While I have used five gallon buckets as ball containers and even targets, the Cather Protector was an ingenious addition to coaching equipment. Pitching is obviously the single most important position in baseball and pitching practice can be both tiresome and grueling for the dad/coach. This unique product provides an unbelievably comfortable position that you can both catch and analyze pitching practice for hours. It allows you to rotate with ease while also providing great protection from the occasional wild pitch. In addition, it provides a great seat in the dugout for the coach who likes to be close to the game. I will never conduct a practice without my Dad’s Catcher Protector".

- Gary Bradshaw, Enterprise, AL

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  1. That guy is right on! My Catcher Protector is super comfortable and the shield up front fits perfect. Every time I come into the dugout, I have to move somebody off of it. It sits really good. I just keep it in my truck, always, and even use it even when I go fishing. I just throw my fish in the bucket and sit back down! I think of dad's who will spend $30 for a half an hour on pitching lessons, but then they don't want to practice with their kid because of the swatting or the old flat buckets killing their butts and knees. Get one of these!


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