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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Product Spotlight: The HBH Baseball Trainer

Hands Back Hitter is a great training tool.
How It Works
Place a ball on the launcher. With a normal stride, the batter sets the ball into motion by stepping on a string (firing cord). The ball will appear in the hitting zone with the hitter in the correct timing sequence...hands back, foot down, hips launching the swing.

The Hands Back Hitter corrects hitting flaws. The offset tee position makes you contact the ball between the balls of your feet. The resistor arch makes you stride carefully to balance softly on the lead toe. The vertical popper elevates the ball after the front foot is down, creating the timing sequence of the early stride. The front toe down on the string and the heel up sets the stage for bat launch through hip rotation. Feel and teach how to load/coil your body as you stride to hit and the effortless power that comes from torque.

----Customer Feedback

HBH is a great training tool.
It is paticularly useful in separating the stride from the swing (it does not encourage the dreaded interruption feared by PCR "slop eliminators") so kids can practice getting a good lower body foundation beneath themselves to support the swing instead of trying to stride and swing at the same time.

Kids can get some brief instruction, then amuse themselves for hours with the device in a way that fits with the principles of the mlb swing.
the mlb swing.

I bought the HBH when it first came out, and I must say that I was more than pleased with the results. It soon became the most popular by far of our hitting stations, and with very few exceptions, at least the problem of swinging while striding quickly ceased to be a concern. It also seemed to be as effective for the less motivated as for those who really worked to improve.


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