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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Train Like a Pro: The HandsBack Hitter Trainer

The HandsBack Hitter Trainer
Baseball and Fastpitch Softball Training Tee

By Nick Dixon

Baseball and fastpitch softball hitting coaches now have a new and effective tool for teaching the mechanics of the perfect baseball swing. This new Hands Back Hitter Training Tee is a self-contained ball launching device that teaches baseball and fastpitch softball players to “keep the hands and weight back” and to “stride and then hit”. As Coach Mike Epstein recently said, "Finally a fun batting trainer that teaches the correct swing."

Some of the most difficult swing elements to teach young hitters is the proper mechanics of the stride, the timing of the stride, and the loading and separation process. Many young hitters want to stride and swing rather that stride then swing. Young baseball and softball hitters should learn to master these two elements of hitting early. They should be taught that the “stride” motion starts and finishes before the hands start the swing motion.

The correct sequence of motion and action during the swing process is: 1) Load & separation 2)Stride 3)Swing 4)Finish

The Hands Back Hitter is widely used by high school and college teams as an advanced hitting station. The device is widely respected as the perfect swing trainer. The following statement by Coach Woody Hunt illustrates the respect that the Hands Back Trainer has gained over the last two years. "We use the Hands Back Hitter to teach separation between stride and swing." Coach Woody Hunt, (Cumberland University Baseball) 2004 NAIA National Champs

How It Works: Place a ball on the launcher. With a normal stride, the batter sets the ball into motion by stepping on a string (firing cord). The ball will appear in the hitting zone with the hitter in the correct timing sequence...hands back, foot down, hips launching the swing.

The Hands Back Hitter corrects hitting flaws. The offset tee makes you contact the ball between the balls of your feet. The resistor arch makes you stride carefully to balance softly on the lead toe. The vertical popper elevates the ball after the front foot is down, creating the timing sequence of the early stride. The front toe down on the string and the heel up sets the stage for bat launch through hip rotation. Feel and teach how to load/coil your body as you stride to hit and the effortless power that comes from torque.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What do you do for LH batters?
The same unit ASSEMBLES for either RH OR LH.

2. Can you change it over?
You can but it takes about 3-4 minutes and most coaches buy two (2) for team practice because of the price, it just saves time and you can run two stations at once.

3. What balls do I use?
It comes with 12 medium weight plastic balls but you can use real baseballs, softballs, and golf ball wiffles too.

4. What powers it?
There is a patented spring popper that allows height adjustment for all weight takes no electricity. You can use it is the rain.

5. Will the string wear out?
We recommend no cleats but strings have not been a problem. Besides they add a second string free just in case.

6. How will I know how to use it?
It comes with a Training CD with about 100 slides with some streaming video. If you do not have a computer, it has pictures with instructions in the assembly guide and coaching tips.

7. What ages and gender?
It adjusts for arm length and the long trigger area allows the batter to move up and away about 14 inches with no adjustment between batters required. Very athletic 6-7 Y.O kids learn well and all payers up to and through college. Most now consider the fast pitch swing to be the same as MLB swing so it have equal application for baseball and softball.

8. How hard is it to assemble?
4 hands tighten knobs and NO TOOLS the popper is pre-assembled.

9. Do you have to cock it each time?
Yes, we want them to work more slowly, concentrating on balance, stride, and load. Swinging in rapid succession makes for upper body hitters. This is what makes this trainer so good.

10. Why does it make you hit better?
The Hands Back Hitter separates the swing and the stride and forces deeper ball contact. It promotes a hip driven swing that is powerful and adjust for different pitch speeds.

The Hands Back Hitter Pro Model is the simplest, most affordable you will practice often, it makes you a better hitter while you are having fun. The Hands Back Hitter is the personal batting station that keeps them training and swinging right even when your not there, yet most instructive training aid on the market.

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