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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Easton Baseball Bat Reviews

By R. Nelson

Easton has been the leader in composite bats for the last several years and is a favorite in baseball bat reviews. They've come out with two new 100% composite models for 2009:

• The Stealth IMX - Two piece bat, 100% composite bat with increased handle flex. The increased flex handle stays true to the Stealth bat tradition (the so-called trampoline effect). The Stealth IMX comes in two other youth models Power Hitter and LCN11. The only difference is the length to weight ration.

• The Synergy IMX - One piece bat, 100% composite bat with a stiff handle. Easton added stiff handles last year to combat Louisville, as they've always pushed the "benefits" of stiff handle bats. Easton is trying to surround Louisville with this model. They've always had the two piece design while Louisville didn't, now they're attacking them head on with a one piece stiff handle design.

Two excellent 100% composite bat options for the experienced player. The main difference from last year's models is that the stiff handle design is a one piece this year. Interesting considering most went with the stiff handle design the last two years. It's simply a personal choice. If you want a 100% composite bat with the latest technology this is your bat.

Easton offers these hybrid (composite handle /alloy barrel) models for 2009:

• SV12: two piece bat, a 100% composite handle with a 100% alloy barrel. Even more handle flex than the Stealth IMX. If the price for this is anywhere near the IMX take the IMX. The composite barrel will give you a larger hitting area for essentially the same price. Unless you love that ping sound.

• V12: One piece bat, 100% alloy bat. The stiffest handle Easton makes. This should be the lowest priced of the new Easton bats. But amazingly it's not. Same price as the SV12. This is supposed to compete with the Louisville Exogrid. Both are highly priced for 100% alloy bats; take the Exogrid if you must have a high priced alloy bat.

Easton's 100% alloy bats:

• Stealth CNT - two piece, 100% alloy bat with either a flex or stiff handle (they have different model numbers and come in different colors). This was Easton's bread and butter for several years. It's now being pushed to the side as they focus on composite/hybrid bats. Hence, the price for the Stealth CNT has been reduced. This bat competed head to head with the Louisville Exogrid for a few years, but the price for the Exogrid has not been reduced. If you want a 100% alloy bat, THIS IS IT.

• Easton makes several other models, such as Titan, Reflex and Rampage which are all 100% alloy. The Titan has the newer alloy (Sc900), but the Reflex and Rampage have 7050 alloy which has been around for 15 years. These are fine for the youngest players. A high school player would be laughed at if he went to the plate with one of these.

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