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Friday, January 21, 2011

Batting Cages: The Secret to Batting Success

Batting Cages: The Secret to Batting Success
By Jack M Patterson

While practicing as a team is the best way to go, athletes also need to work on their individual skills in a more focused environment. Batting cages are perfect for players who want to enhance their skills, in order to be able to bring more to the game.

This specialized cage is an enclosed area where baseball players can practice their batting skills. It is usually rectangular in shape and made of netting. A batter stands at one end of the enclosure. For safety and practicality, a pitching machine instead of a real pitcher is placed at the other end. The nets keep the balls within close range while allowing batters to hit at full strength. The cage can be placed outdoors or inside of a long room so that batters can practice in all weather conditions. Indoor cages are popular during winter months, when days are shorter and it takes more electricity to light up the field for a longer period of time.

A pitching machine automatically pitches balls at varying speeds and styles. It usually pitches out softballs or synthetic baseballs in place of the official leather baseball. Special mechanisms installed allow the machine to compensate for the true weight of an official ball. It simulates pitching scenarios that batters usually encounter.

Batting cages are important in improving every batter's skills. They are used by both amateur and professional baseball organizations as a necessary part of their training routine. A batter can improve his or her positioning, timing, and focus when practicing with this type of training tool. All baseball teams or serious baseball players should invest on high quality practice cages that will suit their needs.

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