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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Importance of a Good Baseball Weight Training Program

The Importance of a Good Baseball Weight Training Program
By Guest Author Ron Wrigley

Serious baseball players understand the importance of starting a baseball weight training program during the off-season. Sure, they could spend the off-season reliving the wins and losses of the past season, but that does nothing to improve their game. A smart program will only improve a player's skills.

In recent years, there has been much buzz about famous baseball athletes who performed well and then were found to be using steroids and other harmful substances to increase their performance. Instead of participating in these illegal practices, it is important to know how to train properly so that you can be the best in the sport.

Baseball players mostly use the core muscles in the body: those located in the stomach and the back. Some of the key elements in the sport are power and the ability to be quick. Major league teams have recognized that a players ability to bring these elements into the game relies heavily on their weight training. Most of these teams have incorporated weight training rooms and fitness centers in their stadiums, as well as trainers who are professionals at coaching sports competitors.

The barbell push press is very effective at training the muscles in the shoulder area, allowing a baseball player to achieve a very strong swing with the bat. The front squat will benefit any athlete in increasing leg and shoulder strength as well as balance and stability. The barbell bench press, jump shrugs, and squats are other exercises that ball players should practice which strengthens the entire upper body.

Lunges and jumping jacks will help with endurance skills, and practicing jumping hurdles can be another great exercise for athletes to take part in.

Not only is it important to increase your stamina and weight lifting skills, but you should also practice sprinting and agility drills so that you are quick on your feet. Do your best to be in good physical shape for the games before your season begins and you will be well on your way to a winning season.

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