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Sunday, March 29, 2009

When Practice Cripples Your Baseball Performance

By Leon Cautillo

Simply put, if practice reinforces the message to your 'subconscious' that you are less than what you desire to be, then this practice is counterproductive. The avid baseball fan will recognize their own similar situation in this classic example.

In 1983 the star second baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers Steve Sax went through a period where he could not find his throwing accuracy no matter what he did to overcome the problem. As if some invisible force was causing him to errantly toss the ball anywhere but to the glove he was trying to reach. Fans both listening on the radio or watching would hold their breath in anticipation that it could happen again.

Steve and his coaches did everything they could possibly think to solve this unexplainable occurrence. Each time Steve Sax spent additional time practicing his throwing, he reinforced the current reality. The message he sent himself was that he could not throw to his target. This actually went on for weeks and not until he gave up trying so hard did he return to his gold glove status.

It is not the practice that was counter productive but rather the failure to recognize the message he was sending. And had he there would have been an opening to re-contextualize the practice to reaffirm Steve's already talented abilities. Not performing well in the clutch or in playoff series is all an aspect of the same principles and when they are recognized will make you wonder why you didn't see it earlier.

What interests me is the gap between extremely resourceful organizations and the lack of current scientifically known information that would benefit players and organizations. There are many subtle practices which occur that go far beyond individual play. Such as team losing streaks or low attendance figures. It is happening at every level of the club's environment which both benefit and hinder a teams overall success.

Sports psychologists and stress management programs have been utilized by ballplayer for decades, and no doubt they are a benefit. At the level of professional sports winning and losing becomes an art far greater than simply skilled players. Any professional team has enough talented players to play in the World Series. The advantage goes to the teams who recognize the finer aspects that make for success seasons.

Even the financial success organizations experience are critical to winning as financial difficulties can always infect the freedom to play for the fun and joy of the game. Here we are awaiting the start of a brand new season, may it be a most enjoyable one.

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