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Monday, December 6, 2010

Add Power to Your Baseball Swing

By Jim_Bain

Once a player learns the basics of hitting a baseball and becomes more and more confident of his/her abilities to make contact, they seem to invariably want to start hitting home runs. A wise coach will immediately discourage this burning desire to become the next Babe Ruth, as nothing but a development of bad mechanics can result.

However, the ability to increase the power of your basic, fluid batting swing is quite desirable and achievable. Let's exam a drill which will increase the power of your swing quickly and safely.

One must consider baseball hitting in terms similar to a martial arts student, a boxer, football kicker or any other athlete who wants to increase his power. You're taught to power through your target. To envision the follow through of your fist, foot or bat, powering through the target, in this case, the baseball.

This simple, yet effective drill, is designed to increase your hitting power by actually hitting a heavy object and swinging the bat through it. Your power will increase as you progress, but perhaps more long term importance is you will train the hitting muscles and visually see (therefore your mind comprehends and believes) the success.

You'll need a partially deflated soccer ball or basketball, a hitting tee, a plumbers' plunger and a bat to execute the drill. Pay special attention to the ball as if there is too much air in it, the ball will explode off the tee offering little resistance. If there's not enough air it will simply collapse upon impact with the bat.

Slide the plumbers' plunger into the hitting tee with the plunger end up to hold the basket ball / soccer ball. Set the deflated ball into the cup of the plunger.

Using your natural batting stance and swing, hit the deflated ball off the tee. The first few strikes will seem awkward and there will be a large hesitation in your follow through swing, but that's Ok... keep swinging. The intended goal is to hit the ball off the tee without any hesitation in your swing as the bat makes contact with the ball.

As you eliminate this hesitation action your power will increase and the ball will travel farther. Additionally, you will be able to see results, positive or negative, rather quickly and you can see whether adjusting hip rotation or your strength training program is improving your power swing.

Jim Bain Has played and coached baseball for 50 years. He shares everything he knows as well as the insights and skills of the many coaches and players he used to compete against.
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