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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Little League Pitching Drill - Increasing Arm Strength

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Little League Pitching Drill - Increasing Arm Strength
By Jim Bain

Just because it's off season doesn't mean you don't train, you just train differently.

Many major colleges have instituted a program of throwing weighted baseballs in order to increase arm strength. Initial results have indicated a positive and in some cases a substantial improvement in arm strength and velocity.

A word of caution here. You only throw weighted baseballs in the off season and if you're throwing off a mound Do Not use them.

It's important to know this program is it must be implemented correctly and slowly or the findings reverse dramatically with arm injuries soaring.

Let's examine a sample routine which has been used with great success.

The player should plan on using this workout program for a duration of 2 months, definitely no longer than 3 months and that depends on other influences, such as beginning to pitch from a mound. This throwing routine should be performed no more than three times a week and should be combined in with other strength, cardio and conditioning programs.

The Player must jog or run for no less than 5 minutes, working up a good sweat, then the player should perform his stretching routine, which should be a full body stretching exercise.

Now that the player is loose he begins the 10 Minute Throwing Workout. Ten minutes may not seem long, but believe me the player will feel the results of this intense program.

This is how the routine is performed: Throw

60' for 3 minutes; 90' for 3 minutes; 120' for 3 minutes - finishing with; 60' for 1 minute. A cool down.

OR an alternative method to use is: Throw a:

6oz. Ball, 20 throws at 70'; 4oz. Ball, 20 throws at 70'; 5oz. Ball, 20 throws at 70'.

The alternating in weight, but not distance, does not negatively affect a change in pitching form or mechanics, only increases muscle strength.

It Must be stated Never Throw a Baseball Over 6 Oz.! Anything weighing more will only tear muscle down and result in a series of injuries.

Jim invites anyone interested in learning more about baseball and baseball pitching to come to his site.


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