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Monday, March 28, 2011

Baseball Training Videos - An Introductory Look

Baseball Training Videos - An Introductory Look
By guest author: Henry Hines

Baseball as a modern sport was introduced in the mid 1800's in the United States. Today the game of baseball is played and enjoyed worldwide. The game requires knowledge, mental toughness, natural ability, and proper technique. In recent years the use of baseball training videos, DVD's and the internet have turned baseball instruction into an industry. It is vital that all players, especially beginners, learn the proper techniques and fundamentals of playing the game. Instructional videos have made it possible to film lessons so that the students are able to see instruction at the same time it is being explained.

If you start to look for baseball training videos you will be immediately impressed as to the huge number that is available. Therefore, it is extremely important that you establish criteria for doing the necessary research when looking for the right video for you or your students:

There are a lot of parents searching for help that will have limited experience in baseball. They are simply trying to spend time with their child and helping the student to improve in any way they can. It is necessary to find baseball training videos with an instructor that is qualified and knowledgeable when presenting the instructions. Just because someone played baseball on a school team or played as a child does not mean that they are going to know enough to coach. As in everything in life, baseball techniques have continued to evolve and change so the training techniques that people are familiar with when they were younger may have changed. It is important that teaching and instructional techniques continue to improve.

If you are going to use baseball training videos to learn and apply coaching techniques, you should have a definite idea about how the videos are structured and what information you are trying to get. One recommendation is either a series of short videos or one video divided into short segments. Since everyone has a tendency to get bored or lose interest when watching something like instructions or looking at repetitive drills.

Another suggestion would be to get videos that are devoted to specific subjects like hitting, pitching, or catching. This will also allow you to focus on different aspects of the game since there is a completely different skill set needed for each component of the game.

The specialization of baseball training videos has gotten to such a point that when it comes to hitting you are dealing with such things as rotational hitting, linear hitting, bat upright style, bat back style, and more. Each style has its own followers who are passionate and each style is probably correct for someone.

The same goes with pitching videos where you have video instruction on ball grip, leg plant, follow through, and leg kick. That is why it is important that you spend some time researching training aids and finding the things that you are comfortable with.

A couple of things to mention are that all of the training aids in the world will not help someone if the player is not willing to do the work. That is sometimes difficult for the younger students to understand and your job as a coach is to somehow make the tedious practice seem like fun. By learning the fundamentals and perfecting the basic techniques, the player will improve.

The one thing to remember about all of the baseball training videos, instructions, and training aids is that there is no guarantee that any of them will make you a "GREAT" player. One thing that can be guaranteed is if you use the information and work hard you will IMPROVE AS A PLAYER.

After all isn't that about all we can ask of someone.

Henry Hines has been a youth coach for over thirty years coaching different sports. He is presently coaching girls softball and operates a number of stores that supply sports training material and videos. For more information on baseball training videos please go to
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  1. I agree there are a ton of videos about baseball training especially on youtube. How does a parent know who is the real deal that knows what they are talking about? Baseball Training


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