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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baseball Batting Tips for Coaches - How to Improve Your Players' Swings

Baseball Batting Tips for Coaches - How to Improve Your Players' Swings
By guest author: John B. Miller

Many baseball batting coaches claim to have "mastered" the art of the baseball swing. I do not claim to be a "know all" baseball coach or expert. I coach a local little league team and I would like to share four simple batting tips that have helped my team.

Tip 1. Coach your players to shorten up their swing. A compact swing is desired because it focuses and directs all of the swing's power into the ball. By shortening up the swing, it does not give the player time to waste on a long swooping swing that disperses all of the swing's power before hitting the ball.

Tip 2. Instruct your players to swing slightly up. It is important to swing slightly up because the pitcher's mound is raised above the batter's box. A perfectly level swing will actually cause the batter to hit a ground ball at best. By instructing your players to swing in a slight upward motion, beautiful line drivers are ensured to follow. Warning: make sure your players do not over exaggerate the swinging up motion. This will result in fly balls which will easily be caught and discourage your players.

Tip 3. Make solid contact with the ball! It may be difficult for your players to feel the proper sensation of solidly hitting a ball with an aluminum bat. For this reason I would recommend having a few practices using wooden bats. The use of wooden bats will allow your players to feel the proper sensation of a solidly hit ball. Once they learn this feeling, transition your players back to aluminum bats, and tell your players to try to emulate the same feeling they had when using the wooden bats.

Tip 4. Lastly, consistency is king! Once you coach your players proper swing technique and form, you must coach consistency. This is the most important step! A technically sound swing may take months or even years to achieve. This hard work can be for nothing if your players cannot learn to swing with proper form in a consistent manner. It is important that you first strip your players of the years of bad habits and poor technique before drilling in consistency. You don't want your players repeating bad habits! Once correct form and technique is coached, drill in consistency!

Follow these four simple batting tips and you should see an improvement in your players' swings.

John is a little league baseball coach who works with players between the ages of 11 and 13.
In just a few short seasons as a coach, John was able take his previously winless team to a recreational baseball league championship. He writes about the baseball drills his team works on

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