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Monday, July 18, 2011

Baseball Coaching Digest - Can You Name 20 Ways to Score From Third Base?

Baseball Coaching Digest - Can You Name 20 Ways to Score From Third Base?
By guest author: Nick Dixon

How many ways can you think of that a runner can score from third base.

I am a firm believer in the strategy of getting the runner to third base with less than two outs any way you can. Below, I have listed 23 ways of scoring a runner from third base that do not score the same runner from second base.

I am sure that there are more than 23. That is all that I could think of today.

1. Pitcher throws a wild pitch.

2. Catcher allows a passed ball.

3. Pitcher commits a balk.

4. Batter hits a sacrifice fly.

5. Batter properly executes a squeeze bunt.

6. Catcher commits interference.

7. The pitcher allows a base on balls.

8. Runner steals home.

9. Baseball hit ground ball that is fielded quickly by an outfielder.

10. A "bounce away" error by an infielder which requires the infielder to make a move to recover the ball.

11. Fly ball misplayed or dropped by an infielder in fair territory with 2 outs.

12. Fly ball misplayed or dropped by an outfielder in fair territory with 2 outs

13. Short fly ball hit in the outfield that is misplayed or dropped.

14. Soft line drive hit over the infielders head.

15. Pitchers hits batter with bases loaded.

16. The catcher makes an errant throw back to the pitcher. The pitchers misses the ball thrown back to him by the catcher.

17. With no outs, the batter hits a double play ground ball, with runners on 1B and 3B and the opposition turns the double play.

18. An infielder while attempting to make a play to first on the batter makes an errant throw.

19. Catcher throws the ball into center field attempting to throw out a runner trying to steal second base.

20. Middle infielder misplays and drops the throw from the catcher on a runner stealing second base.

21. Pitcher throws the ball away at third base while attempting a pick off.

22. Pitcher throws the ball away at first base while attempting a pick off.

23. Catcher throws the ball into left field while attempting to pick the runner off at third base.

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