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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Monthly Basic Baseball Training Schedule - Our 500th Post

A Monthly Basic Baseball Training Schedule
By Thomas E Wilson

If you intend to make baseball your life and make the big leagues, you really need to practice 365 days a year. We get emails all the time from medical experts explaining how rest days are very important in building muscle, and we could not agree more. When we say practice 365 days a year, we don't necessarily suggest going through a entire training session every day, as that is never healthy. We suggest that each and every day you really should do one thing to improve or practice, even if it is not physical.

You could record a baseball game and then watch it back in slow motion taking note on precisely how different players swing, field ground balls, and so on. You could possibly also read through a book on the subject of baseball tactics. Your opportunities are infinite, but don't forget you shouldn't be laying on the sofa each and every day watching baseball games and expecting to get a lot better. 95 percent of your training should really be physical training. With that being said, below is a basic schedule of what your baseball workouts ought to look like.

January-February: You should be focused on physical fitness all through the first two months of the year. Take advantage of your school's fitness center or work out room if they have one. If you have room in your house, buy one piece of exercise equipment so you can get plenty of exercise at home when ever you want to. A treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike are highly recommended. The second most vital thing is a set of free weights for bench pressing, curls, etc. If you don't have any space in your house for big pieces of equipment, use the cash you would have used and buy a membership to a local gym if you have dependable transportation. Like we say all the time, great players find a way to make things happen. Even if none of the above choices work for you, be ready to go jogging outdoors almost every day, through the rain, sleet, snow, and heat.

March-April: These are the classic "spring training months." Take your fitness training down a level and concentrate on acquiring your baseball techniques back again. Play catch, take ground balls, fly balls, and batting practice practically every day. Don't forget to ease your arm back into throwing slowly and gradually, since the last thing you want right now is an arm injury. Concentrate on form and regaining your technique.

May-October: Time to play some baseball! Continue to keep up mild physical training, but do not forget to conserve the majority of of your energy for the games. Now is your time to show off what you have worked so hard to be able to do!

November-December: Take a well earned break from baseball. As much as all of us enjoy the sport, taking a couple of months "off" is likely to protect against burnout. Still continue healthy and balanced eating and light exercise, but relax and enjoy the holidays. Set your goals and objectives for your baseball workout programs for the new year.

This is the standard training model that we suggest following. Of course, just like all workout programs, you should modify it to accommodate your needs. Additionally, seek the advice of a medical professional prior to getting started with any kind of significant exercise plan. If you ever get frustrated, just remember how you are in control of your future. Make the best of what you're given and work harder than everybody else. The most important thing to bear in mind, is that baseball is enjoyable, and though you need to work hard, keep in mind when you are working your butt off training, how much fun you will have not just playing, but excelling in the game you love!

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  1. Great insight! I believe people must first be comfortable with the exercises they want to perform and then customize a workout to their needs! Once they get comfortable with training, they should insert some type of variation to challenge themselves! Great article! Keep it up!


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