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Monday, September 26, 2011

Baseball Coaching Digest - Base Running Basics

Baseball Coaching Digest - Base Running Basics
By guest author: Nick Dixon

There are certain base running rules that every base runner should learn. Here is each base and basic rules that players should know about each.

First Base

1.Sneak a peek when running to first. If the ball does not get by the infielders run through the bag. Make sure that you foot lands on the front half of the bag.
2.When you cross the bag, always look to your right to see if the throw got by the first base man.
3.If the ball gets into the outfield, do a "fish hook" move to get a flatter path to second base.
4.Get your signs from the 3rd base coach with both heels on the bag.
5.Make sure to take you lead using the proper steps and shuffle footwork.
6.Remember it is your job to get a good jump or start. The job of the coach is not to start you but to rather stop you.
7.Should a deep fly ball be hit to the left field, go away from the bag as long as you can read the numbers on the back of the jersey of the left fielder. When he stops and turns to field the ball, you should stop and read what happens of the play. If he sets up for the catcher, you should retreat to first base with a full sprint.

Second Base

1.When advancing toward second base, always pick up the 3rd base coach visually about ½ of the way to second base.
2.If there are less than two outs, take your lead in the line or base path directly between the bags.
3.If there are two outs, get a deeper lead, to give your self a flatter angle to turn at third base should you have to score.

Third Base

1.Always take your lead in foul territory with no part of you body extending into fair territory. This is prevent an out being called if a ball is hit down the line and you can are hit by it.
2.Make sure to take your walking lead with timing that has your right foot landing when the ball gets to the plate. Do not get caught flat footed. When the ball hits the mitt, you either score on the play or retreat to the bag immediately.
3.When you return to third base, always return to the inside corner of the bag. If the third base man has his glove out, go in high, and block the block from home plate. This may deflect a throw from the catcher.

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