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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to Improve Your Baseball Hitting Techniques by Proper Baseball Training

How to Improve Your Baseball Hitting Techniques by Proper Baseball Training
By guest author: Chris Moheno

Many people think in order to become a great baseball hitter they must work with a trainer to get the best results possible. Although if you get the opportunity, take it but many people can only do things on their own. Realizing this there are a few simple things you can do on your own to get the baseball training necessary in becoming an efficient hitter.

The most important thing is to be yourself. Seriously, it sounds odd but the next time you go to the batting cages watch all the Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols, and Ichiro Suzuki stances used by others around you. Yes those three are great hitters, but with all do respect the way they bat may not work for you. Effective hitting doesn't mean trying to hit it out of the ballpark every time either. You will need to have patience, good vision, quick hands, strength, and the ability to take criticism while learning. Then of course you will need to find a bat that fits your size and arm length. Once you have all this you can interact with certain baseball drills to fine tune your batting.

Don't be afraid to experiment with everything. For instance staying away from "hitting the ball off of tee" because it´s boring. Make it fun, and remember if players like former batting champion Tony Gwynn did it while he was a pro then so can you. It will help you learn to hit the ball cleanly and hit line drives which will only increase your overall batting average. There are a few major things to remember about how to train yourself to be a better hitter; practice, practice, practice. However, keep in mind if you are practicing drills without tweaking your batting stance to become better or bringing a heavier bat along with you to hit as far as you can then your not really practicing.

If you are going to take baseball training seriously it would be in your best interest to make a schedule, and keep it. In doing so you will begin to get in a routine that between such and such an hour this is what is practiced throughout the week. Add different things for each day of the week so you won't be burnt out quickly. Its definitely hard work to become a better hitter, but when it happens the rewards are exciting and fun. Here are a few more things to think about when getting up to the plate.

When you take your swing at a pitch be sure to keep your stride short and sweet. This will allow your body to move in one fluent motion. If your strides are long you have a greater chance of throwing your balance off in the process. Keeping your head still is another solid point to remember during every swing. It allows you to focus on the ball, what kind of pitch, and helps your plate discipline deciphering if its good or bad. If your head is moving to the left or up to the sky you'll know that you can't see the pitch hit off the bat which can take away from your strengths becoming more luck than skill.

While many of these are basics of the game and have been told over and over again they are the most important parts to your baseball drills. Once you have mastered these you will see it in your overall offensive statistics during the season. Just remember to keep it fun, and learn to try new things if what you're doing now isn't working or you've hit a slump. The smallest change may make all the difference in becoming a true baseball hitter.

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  1. Chris,

    How much movement do you think a hitter should have specifically?

  2. The common myth is that bat speed is achieved by using an ultra light bat. But bat speed and power is generated by the use of your lower body and legs and continuation with your top hand on the bat. All the pros work hard at this technique. I wish I could use some of the pros names that I have personally worked with, but due to MLB restrictions, we cannot.

  3. If you want to be a pro, start young.

  4. KISS
    Keep it simple stupid. The best laid hitting fundamentals are ones that are simple and repeatable allowing the hitting to produce consistent hard contact.

  5. Nick, great blog.

    I strongly agree each player requires detailed attention based on their weaknesses. I typically find muscular deviations spread across the body, especially in such an explosive move like pitching or hitting. I'd love to share with you a versatile tool we've developed for coaches/trainers to correct movement issues for players with unlimited possibilities.


Here's a glimpse of what we do for baseball:

    Stay Well!

  6. I really enjoyed reading this post, you have outlined the fundamentals of hitting in an interesting way. The part about the hitters in batting cages impersonating Major Leagues stances was quite humorous, and true! Also, the paragraph on keeping your head still is crucial. You would be surprised at how many coaches fail to implement this in training their players. Do you have any suggestions for drills to improve bat head speed and power?


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