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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bat Speed Tip That Works Every Time

Bat Speed Tip That Works Every Time

By Jeffery A Wise

If you want to learn how to improve your bat speed, there are plenty of tips available in books and online. Some are helpful while others are not. The tip mentioned in this article was suggested by Hall of Fame greats such as Tony Gwynn, Ted Williams and Wade Boggs.

For having the best possible bat speed, you have to know when to let your top hand off of the bat. A full two-handed swing will actually decrease bat speed by eight to 10 miles per hour. Letting go too early will also lower bat speed.

Pay attention to your swing to see if you tend to let go of the bat too early or not at all. If this has become a habit, you must find balance in the middle so you can have the ultimate bat speed.

It's very natural as you swing to let your top hand go after you make contact with the ball. This helps you finish the swing without actually slowing it down. Keep both hands on the bat until right after contact and you're sure to hit the ball harder, making it faster.

If you notice that you're doing it wrong, talk with a coach or hitting instructor before trying to correct it yourself. They may have some good tips and they'll be able to give advice from an outsider's point of view. It is worth mentioning if you're not sure. That way you'll be more likely to gain bat speed.

Letting go of the bat right after you make contact is good because it allows you to obtain a full extension. And of course, it allows you to hit the ball with maximum power.

If you watch Ken Griffey Jr. swing, you see exactly what I'm talking about. He always had full extension and a natural power. He also released his top hand beautifully and had one of the best swings in the history of baseball. While you most likely won't ever play like Ken Griffey Jr., you can be a better hitter with the help of this one tip.

This single tip could alone give you the extra bat speed you need to drive the ball harder and get more base hits. You could actually help your team win more games and improve your stats. Now that you know this tip, practice it until you get it right so that you can be the baseball hitter you've always wanted to be.

Remember that the reason to improve you bat speed is to give you skills and talent to become the baseball player you want to be. Download free hitting videos with tips and instructions you need to get started quickly by visiting Baseball Hitting and learn how to hit the baseball better.

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