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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Everything You Need to Know About Baseball Conditioning

By Guest Author: Nathan E Gotch

Most players do not really understand baseball conditioning training because of the misinformation given by their respective coaches. One of the biggest mistakes that players make is utilizing aerobic conditioning. The most famous examples are poles and long distance running.

There problem with these conditioning techniques is that they train the wrong energy system. Baseball is one of the most explosive sports there is, and should be trained that way. Hitting, pitching, sprinting to first, or sprinting towards a fly ball are all examples of anaerobic movements. In fact, baseball is one of the least aerobic sports there is.

The game of baseball is designed as a constant stop-and-go routine. Players need to the ability to explosively spring into action. It doesn't take 30 minutes to swing a bat or deliver a pitch.

Baseball conditioning training must be structured to increase anaerobic levels. Anaerobic activities will increase explosion, strengthen fast twitch muscle fibers, build lean muscle mass, and reduce excess body fat. These results occur because most anaerobic exercises are high intensity.

Some of the best conditioning training techniques for baseball are sprints, hill sprints, plyometrics, agility's, Indian runs, suicides, pole intervals, and body weight circuits.

By utilizing these methods in combination, a player will be able to reach peak conditioning levels. Most of these exercises can be performed before or following a weightlifting routine. This is purely preferential, and you must decide what's right for your particular body and conditioning advancement.

Sprints are among the most effective conditioning exercises for baseball. These high intensity runs are baseball-specific and prepare players for the explosive movements involved within the sport. In addition, sprints will increase anaerobic conditioning, lean muscle mass, and overall running speed. Simply examine any professional baseball player and you will see their incredible sprinting speed. They achieved such great athleticism by utilizing methods like sprints because they are specific to baseball.

If you're a more advanced player, then you might see more benefits by utilizing hill sprints. Hill sprints are simply a more advanced version of the traditional sprints. Incorporating hill sprints in your conditioning routine will greatly increase your anaerobic capacity.

What every player must take out of this, is that baseball conditioning training is much more complex than just running some poles. Running long distance will never make you a better player. Always focus on high intensity conditioning through explosive movements, and interval training. This will ensure that every technique you use, is specific to the sport.

If you enjoyed this article, make sure you read Baseball Conditioning: The Correct Way for a more in-depth look at this highly debated topic.

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