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Friday, August 14, 2009

How to Fix - Repair Your Baseball Glove

Is your baseball glove stopping you from achieving your potential? You should not have to sit on the bench due to a busted-up glove. That is why i am going to teach you to repair/ maintain your baseball glove!

By Jim L King

First, you must diagnose the problem. Usually, in my experiences, the major problem is the strings coming undone or untied. This causes the glove to lose stiffness, so even if the ball does land in the pocket, it will just fall out. Luckily, this is an easy fix! What you will need- Your glove, tweezers, and your own two hands!

Also, it is best to have a properly stringed glove around for an example. First, push the tweezers through the string holes, then place the string into the tweezers, and slowly pull the tweezers back out of the hole. Depending on how many place have become untied, you may have to restring more than one spot. Once you have the glove restringed, the next step is to tie the strings, so they do not just slip back through the holes. The best knot to use is the normal knot! Just simply tie a normal knot, pull the knot really tight, and repeat (if needed, depending on the string length). NOTE: do not pull the strings to tight as they may break, or the glove may become to stiff.

Next, I will talk about maintaining your glove. It really is easy, simply rub your glove with a glove conditioner (some people say shaving cream will work, but I have never tried it), once about every two weeks.

Use the most popular guide amongst coaches! More in-depth repair guide available Here !

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