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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Importance of Speed and Power in Baseball!

The Importance of Speed and Power in Baseball!

By Brandon Richey

Today's baseball player is a lot different than yesteryear's player! The best baseball players today are built like football players. This is a testament to the world of strength and conditioning. Speed and power are essential traits for a baseball player to succeed in today's game.

In order to build speed and power you have to know the skills it takes to do so. You see in the past speed and power were traits accepted by the baseball community to be something that you either had or didn't have. The truth is that some guys do naturally have more of these traits than other guys, but everyone can develop these characteristics to a certain point. The importance of speed and power are seen more and more with today's players. Home runs and stolen bases occur in just about every game at an eye popping rate.

Successful athletes and athletic programs understand the REAL reason behind their efforts and it doesn't predominately have anything to do with the improvement of their specific sport skills. The smart players are making themselves better athletes which in turn makes them better players! That is the key difference. The most successful baseball players are finding that they can maintain their specific sport skills (like hitting,catching, or throwing), but by spending their time hitting the weights and mastering the skills of athletic performance and kettlebell training they get better at those specific sport skills! There has obviously been a shift in priorities of these more dominant baseball players.

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